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Portent Tide is an Aerial Imaging company that has a primary focus within drone mapping. PTAI was created in 2021 after Ben returned from Costa Rica where he had a chance to work within a remote wildlife sanctuary in the Osa Peninsula and visit multiple research stations to learn about what tools and techniques were be applied to enhance interest in local and landscape ecology/conservation.

In this time, Ben began to observe how aerial imaging and remote sensing technology would drastically change how people understood the environment, cities and their own properties. Drones and Aerial Imaging more broadly serve as an ability to build capacity in monitoring and visualizing urban and remote wilderness spaces.


The opportunity to offer a service to land management professionals and land owners became a clear path to build Portent Tide. A company where the frontier of technology can be applied to provide a service that significantly improve day to day work life for professionals - with products that will last through time and serve as a reference point of that land indefinitely. 

What I enjoy most out of this industry is the combination of applied environmental science with creative application of cartography, as well as the chance to meet and learn from clients to apply the technology uniquely to their needs.

Contact Ben and Portent Tide Aerial Imaging here to learn more about how our knowledge can be applied to your site and business.

Portent Tide Aerial Imaging is a Civil Aviation Safety Authority certified company with Remote Operation, Remote Licensing Accreditation and insurance to ensure the safety of people property on any worksite we operate above and within.

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