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Custom High Resolution Maps are for users who require high levels of clear imagery where single drone photographs and plane/satellite imagery is too irregular and far too low in detail. Portent Tide Aerial Imaging offers the complete aerial surveying and map making service to present the beauty of your location for marketing, however, adding value that will last in the form practical use for land management professionals.

High Resolution Drone Mapping is the ideal solution for visualizing a site, as this method serves as the initial point of building a foundation of site data and measurements upon. Thousands of images captured from under 120m altitude are stitched together to generate a singular and large map/spatially accurate image. This method additionally constructs a 2D elevation model and 3D model that can be used for any of the needs and industries listed below.

Our Base Mapping Package includes a high resolution map in a styled layout format with contour lines, elevation model, co-ordinates, map title and legend. Both digital PDFs and printed books are delivered for clear and convenient presentation; combined with additional 3D model hosting as one of many adds ons. View our deliverables and map layout samples here.


The Bass Mapping Package service begins with a complementary site fly over and raw footage to capture the site from dynamic perspectives that add value to the presentation of data. Should you desire a video for any purposes audio can be recorded on site, interviews can be filmed and music of your choice can be edited into short clips.

Our commitment is to take the right remote sensing and imaging tools for the job to best service you. Tell us here what you do and your goals so we can guide you to the right solution.

Park and Forestry Mapping.

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Natural resource management for parks and forestry requires high resolution images for planning land use to planting, weeding and preparing regions for work crews. These maps can be for park rangers, botanical gardens and forestry workers needing measurement of vegetation height, area of vegetation, canopy coverage and ground contours. Our service will integrate historical uses and maps; combine with a updated imaging and multiple map layers custom to your exact needs. See 'Environment consultants and Researchers' for similar use cases.

Real Estate and Landowners.



The most common use of drones in real estate are a angled shots that display a property boundary overlay. While these can be effective for a quick glance to capture attention, they lack accuracy and do not capture land features in high resolution. As a consequence, these only serve as a one dimensional marketing display. High resolution maps capture land in three dimensions, enabling land contours to be found, building structures to be modeled, vegetation mapped and most importantly; measurements to be taken in exceptional accuracy to draft plans of property structures and landscapes for land use, architects and other trade. Our custom made topographic maps will increase the value of the property in its current land use and will add depth to the property before putting on the market.

Environmental Consultants and Researchers.



The use of drones for research has changed how we sample different ecosystems at significant scales and has increased the volume of land we are capable of sampling. High resolution base maps of sampling locations serve as the structural foundation to any spatial data and will be integral to conveying the necessity of your site analysis and research. Begin with a base map then overlay soil/water sample data, thermal imaging, multispectral and LiDAR derived data. Capture locations regularly and convey change over time. Sample data in transects and quadrats; depict everything in a GIS and backup everything within a database. Share the 3D model of your research sites in hosted websites with detailed annotations and remove the difficulty of explaining your work when visualizing the site will save you time and money.

Tourism and Recreation.


Create high resolution maps for the marketing of beautiful natural attractions and destinations. These are maps for tourists and land management that convey key areas such as tourism attraction access, distance and scale, as well as maps that can be used for branding and large format printing that no other form of imaging can achieve all at once. Print and display at a scale of your choice; from A4 - A1 books and posters, or entire walls and billboards.

Urban Development and Construction.


Map in densely populated areas to improve safety and reduce the hazardous risks, costs and time related to ground based monitoring, inspections and delays associated with manned manual inspections of assets in urban areas. Data is collected in 'corridors' or strips that convey vegetation overlap nearby roads and within parks. Convey this data within hosted websites that can use algorithms to detect vegetation encroachment and indicate when maintenance crews (especially arborists) need to attend a location - create regular schedules based on this enhanced visual information.

Wildlife Monitoring and Conservation.


Begin with a base map and use remote sensing technology, including thermal imaging, footage and other monitoring techniques to capture thermal signatures of wildlife. Link in with ground collected audiovisuals and represent this by overlaying on high resolution maps to improve understanding of information. This application of drones strongly links in with Parks, Forestry and Mapping for Research. How we apply ongoing monitoring and or short term directly depends on access to the location and seasonality - planning this type of work is a service Portent Tide as consultants..

Base Package Anchor

Base Package.

Custom location high resolution and high accuracy mapping.

Our Base Package includes a primary high resolution map, elevation model and site f

footage. These data points serve as the starting point to build out from.


Additional services outline site features, use different forms of data such as thermal images and other forms of initial analysis that prepare your site for use and maximize the value you can gain from finally be able to clearly see and share where you live and or work. 

The Map Layers below represent how more than 2700 images were used to initially create a high resolution map, contours lines and 3D terrain model. Additional analysis was used to convert land features including the waterfall, the paths, rice paddies and structures into clear features.

Our Deliverables page clearly outlines the work flow to achieve mapping on any site. Here you can also find display of a sample of work converted into a book for digital sharing with all stakeholders; including landowners, government grant recipients, researchers and revegetation groups, which clearly represented and increased the value of their work.

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