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Property and Rural Real Estate


Real estate maps are a vital asset that prevent the losses of poor decision making and sub standard visuals that place a limit on effective land asset purchasing and planning. 

The process of buying and selling properties is among the most stressful experience of our lives. Knowing the true value of your land requires excellent high resolution data to make the best choices for your future. 

Real estate maps can include a very broad range of map types, but each sit into the following broad categories: show casing the site for navigation, making structural and landscaping plans, as well as insurance of the site should an accident/damage occur to the property.


The high resolution maps provide a clear long term reference of the site and are something can be regularly updated in the case of ongoing site construction to display change over time.


These maps can be tailored to unique formats for delivery. We can print your unique site on very high quality paper for the most engaging displays to share as you please.

Additionally, if there are empty lakes or soil piles these can be calculated using the high resolution map data; and or LiDAR for absolute precision. See Volumetric Measurements.


Builds on the Base Package high resolution map and elevation map by including a vector site map that serves as a simple way to navigate a site, outline features and create area estimations. These estimations can be used for government grants and schemes, for example, in estimating native vegetation areas which improve property privacy, reduce erosion and improve waterway quality. The process of creating vector site maps can be very time consuming; but are worthwhile for making the best decisions for your site.

  • Base Package +

  • Vector Map(s) with key features and land use areas outlined.

  • Digital and Analog Delivery

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