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Resource Volumetric Measurements


Measure anything from small scale soil and sand piles, to wetland area for construction of multiple staged wetlands, to beach dunes, right up to industrial scale sites. 

Utilising drones for rapid and accurate volumetric and area measurements has become an industry staple in resource production and refinement.


With the rapid uptake of drones, it is likely the same can soon be said for any sites a small scale areas that may include man made lakes and wetlands, agricultural dams and channels, urban construction site water pollution offsets or ongoing conservation management projects.

The process of creating these measurements can be derived from our Base Package site mapping process, or can be mapped separately for smaller areas to maximise accuracy.

In addition, for the best accuracy some use cases combine photos from photogrammetry (the Base Package mapping process) and LiDAR for the best and most comprehensive results.


Builds on the Base Package by adding individual measurements per data point (per individual pile or pit). This can be completed from the base package alone, or can be mapped in higher resolution and/or with LiDAR. The process of calculation can be adapted to best fit the subject. Enquire about this feature by contacting us below.

  • Base Package +

  • Report on piles/pits volume and area.

  • Additional LiDAR upon request

  • Added to vector site map upon request.

Digital and Analog Delivery

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