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Pricing for High Resolution Deliverables.


Primary factors effecting pricing for data collection include site area, accessibility of terrain, travel time, resolution of mapping, overall accuracy desired and placement of Ground Control Points (GCPs).

Subsequent processing of Raw basemaps: meaning the primary map and elevation model -  is dependent on the number of images recorded/the size of the area, the accuracy of GCPs, the resolution of data and time taken in preparing the model with the software for export.


Any addition processing within a Geographic Information System for creating custom high end layouts adds a minimum of two days per site for processing and finalization of layouts.


Uploading images and 3D models to membership sites adds additional costs based on the hosting site.

As a reference point: The gallery below presents topographic feature maps and is an example of work over an 80,000 square meter area/8 hectare area that is valued between 7000 - 8000 dollars. 

As displayed above, our deliverables work in a generalized graduated order from data collection right through to processing and delivery in a format that best suits your needs. Portent Tide Aerial Imaging consulting for more complex mapping services can also be requested.

Sites that require monitoring overtime, regular mapping and or regions that require many locations mapped serve to reduce the overall cost of data capture.

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