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Urban Areas and Public Park Maps


Aerial mapping meets urban planning, construction and public asset management at an intersection of preserving the past and forecast the future. Planning for population change and quality of life for people living in urban areas.

Creating structural and vegetation 'digital twins' is the process of creating a three dimensional replica of real world matter for the purpose of record keeping, for creating displays and for creating high accuracy measurements to be used in city planning.

This mapping process brings together an array of professionals, such as architects, designers, emergency personnel and engineers in cities, as well as agriculturalists and fire management professionals at urban fringes. Urban planers utilize a collection of 2D and 3D databases to plan for all human activities, including districts for recreation, accommodation, hospitals and transport networks for goods and services. 

Drone based high resolution mapping provides access to areas where satellite imaging is inadequate for precision planning. High cloud coverage and short satellite time windows also act as limiting factors for data acquisition. Drone technology serves as means to overcome these limitations.

To produce the best volumetric calculation results in urban areas, please also see our page Resource Volumetric Measurements.


For urban areas, Portent Tide focuses on parks, urban fringes next to bushland, wetlands and subject matter that is captured only from UAVs/drones.


This builds on the Base Package by adding LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data in a point cloud format AND/OR a vector site map with key features outlined for basic measurements

  • Base Package +

  • LiDAR Data in a LAS file format with basic LiDAR point cloud animation. LiDAR data classified by height with contours made for digital elevation model derived from the point cloud.

  • AND/Or: Vector Map(s) with key features and land use areas outlined. (This is an additional feature to be requested).

Digital and Analog Delivery

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