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Wetlands, Wilderness & Conservation Maps.


In recent years, drones have very rapidly altered how humans can analyze and develop an understanding of wild landscapes.


Drones have changed how parks management and conservation project managers respond in fast changing conditions. 

This technology now 

presents new challenges, however, has also created incredible new opportunities for understanding wild frontiers.



From remote areas right up to the fragmented urban fringe, it is very common knowledge to find animals and vegetation that has adapted to be in close proximity to people. In these landscapes where human/wildlife interaction is common, an integrated approach of land management disciplines is necessary to co-ordinate solutions. With multiple disciplines being present, having clear maps is vital for the best results and for all people to be on the same page - especially where miscommunication is costly.

The best way to start here is having current maps that display work sites clearly. They also often need to be produced rapidly. This builds out from the Base Package, similarly to our Research Sites page, multiple types of data may be created. For example:


  • LiDAR can be used to classify vegetation by height and canopy coverage

  • Thermal images and video can be integrated in to the base map in a Geographic Information System (GIS),

  • Multiple 'before and after' maps can be laid in chronological order to see change over time.

By combining each of the above data sources together a comprehensive approach to parks, water resources and wildlife management can be created. This can then regularly be updated using high resolution data; all of which is possible from the use drones.


Builds on the Base Package depending on the location and data type required; likely LiDAR and thermal images.

  • Base Package +

  • LiDAR for point cloud high accuracy measurements. 

  • Additional Thermal Images if required.

  • Vector site map with land use areas outlined upon request.

Digital and Analog Delivery

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